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10 Movies to binge watch this Rakhi with your brother/sister

by Mohamed Hussain on Aug 10, 2022

10 Movies to binge watch this Rakhi with your brother/sister

Celebrate this glorious rakhi festival with a plug-in connection

And say “Hello! Rakhi 2022”

Is it connecting with your sister ?


Hold on a minute.I think you may have misunderstood it as the phone.But, I asked  whether you connect with your presence.

So when was the last time you sat down together with your sibling to watch a movie?

“Nah! Not many days, just been 245 days,16 hours, 42 mins & 25 seconds, haha.”

                                                                                                                        -   your conscience

The phones absorb all our presence. But there is one time when its gravity is weaker. And that time is “ RAKSHABANDHAN”
Rakshabandhan, a wonderful day where you can re-connect with your brother/sister. That means with reality, not with texts.

On this special day,you can bring back that lost connection and rekindle your bond deeper. Let this be the bonding rakshabandhan celebration.

This is a linking rakhi gift for your brother/sister.

For this Rakhi in 2022, I have got you some suggestions that you can watch with your brother & sister.

P.S - Don't forget to grab your popcorn.



If your sibling is a fun lover, then you can give these a shot.


A unique student,Paari, who has a bright approach to life, tags along with two friends and commits atrocities on campus. But after graduation, paari goes into exile. After a few years, his two buddies tag along with paari’s rival and go through a series of hilarious troubles in search of their old friend.

A little word of ADVICE: buckle up your tummies or else it's gonna burst. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.



“Live like a king and enjoy the royalties. WWOOWW !!! These are probably the lies running in the heads of the three buddies. But , in search of royalties , they run into penalties and dig into a series of funny misadventures. Be PREPARED  to scream-out-loud for these hilarious buddies. You can watch this humorous movie on Amazon Prime.


THE VINTAGE TAPE ( old memories )

If your sibling is a person who loves to rewatch their old childhood favourites, then these are for you.


Once again Feel like the vintage superhero family. A super-powered family is trying to quit their superhero lives and live as normal people.But the evil super-villain doesn’t let them be. This movie is available on Hotstar.

HOMEWARD BOUND : The incredible journey

Missing out the adorable pet friends ? Before moving out for a vacation, the family leaves their pets on a friend's farm. But our cute pet friends (2 dogs & a cat) escapes and passes through the wildness of california to reunite with their family again. So, sit back and reunite with these pets on Amazon Prime.


THE RAINING CLOUD ( sentiment )

If you have a sibling who is a sweet sentiment lover, then you can watch these with them.


The story revolves around a sweet ,adorable brother and sister relationship.But unfortunately, due to the abandonment of relatives in an unfavorable situation, she is forced to marry his brother’s arch enemy. This affectionate brother who goes to any extremes to save his sister will make your eyes wet. So, have 5 boxes of tissue paper on the table. This movie is available on Jio cinema and SunNXT


The man upon  losing his beloved wife during childbirth, is heartbroken and feels lost. Despite the fears and heartbreak , the father gains new strength to live for his daughter. This is inspired by a true story. The father’s warm love will make your hearts melt.This movie is available on Netflix.



If your sibling is a daydreamer, then you can give these movies a shot.

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Four siblings, on entering the mysterious wardrobe, find a passage to the land of Narnia where they learn about their destinies. They are guided by the mystical lion, Aslan to save the land of narnia from the evil witch. This would be the perfect fantasy movie for your daydreaming sibling. You can  enter into the land of Narnia on Hotstar.



Anna teams up with a mountaineer and a reindeer to find her sister and break up the icy spell. A loving sister story that pleases your sibling’s eyes with icy fantastic dreamlands. This movie is available on Hotstar.



If your sibling is a science enthusiast, then you can try these :


Earth is in the  blind of its death.So, a group of space travelers explores through the wormholes to find alternative planets for humans to survive. Mind-blowing scientific facts that will amaze your scientific siblings. On Amazon Prime, you can travel through space with this film.



The evil army crumbles our hero’s kingdom to gain the galaxy’s most valuable asset. The young hero realises his great destiny to save his people and reclaim his homeland. This story marked the foundation for all sci-fi films. You can check out this movie on Amazon Prime.





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