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5 iconic features of Indian handicraft

by Deepika Raja on Nov 16, 2022

5 iconic features of Indian handicraft

India is home to many craftsmen who excel in creating works of art from natural materials and resources. The term ‘handicrafts’ refers to products made by hand, using simple tools.

 Craftsmen from all over India have contributed to the tradition of handicrafts in India. They excel in creating handmade furniture, textiles, jewelry, decorative items, and more. Indian handicrafts have had a profound cultural impact and have been exported worldwide for centuries

handcrafted Little house

Indian handicrafts are often intricate and detailed, with intricate designs and colors. Indian handicrafts are known for the values it holds and the way they are hand-crafted. Some of the famous handicrafts from India are made with the use of natural dyes, intricate patterns, natural materials, and the use of traditional crafting techniques. Let us discuss some of the best iconic features that made Indian handicrafts so unique.

Handicraft varieties

Indian handicrafts are incredibly diverse and have a wide range of styles and techniques. There is a huge variety of handicrafts available in India, ranging from traditional to modern.

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Some of the most popular Indian handicrafts include paintings, sculptures, woodwork, metalwork, and clay works. Each of these handicrafts has its own unique history and meaning. India's handicrafts are not only beautiful but also have a deep cultural significance.

Artistry work

Indian handicrafts are some of the most beautiful pieces of art around the world. Indian craftsmen were renowned for their mastery of artistry craft skills such as stone carving and jewelry making. Items such as sculptures and precious gems were crafted by skilled artisans using natural resources such as jade and diamond. These are usually made by artisans who have inherited the skills and traditions of their craft from their ancestors.

Traditional values

Indian handicrafts are often highly symbolic and have a long history and tradition behind them.

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Everyone knows about how Taj Mahal was built and what it is known for. So the Indian craftsmen started making miniature models of the famous Taj Mahal with their handcrafting techniques and they also used marble stones to make it look so real. They are making them for so many years and selling them. So, each and every handicraft made in India always holds a certain traditional value.

Fun and decorative

Indian handicrafts are very popular for their beauty, elegance, and uniqueness. Indian handicrafts are often colorful and fun to look at, making them a popular choice for souvenirs.

Buttabomma doll

In India, there are many handcrafted artworks available such as handmade wall paintings, handcrafted clay dolls, wall hangings, and much more. If you are looking for handcrafts for your home or as a décor item for your house, you are sure to find many beautiful handicrafts that suit your needs.

Special values

Indian handicrafts often have a deep spiritual meaning and are often used to celebrate special occasions or commemorate important events. Artists express their creativity by transforming raw materials into meaningful artwork. They also used some type of raw materials that denote special spiritual meaning in order to create items that met their aesthetic goals.

Know these things before buying Handicrafts

If you're interested to buy Indian handicrafts, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

 First, it's important to understand the different types of handicrafts available. Second, you should be aware of the quality of the craftsmanship. And also, you should consider the price. Finally, If you are looking for a special way to decorate your home or to give a gift that will be cherished, Indian handicrafts are a great option.

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