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7 modern decor ideas including traditional handicrafts

by Deepika Raja on Nov 14, 2022

7 modern decor ideas including traditional handicrafts
Everyone wants to decorate their house to make it look more beautiful, aesthetic, and pleasing to the eyes but, some of them only know how to make it possible. In India, each and every house looks different in all aspects.

Living room interior
Many people decorate their homes with simple hand-crafted products and some decorate with modern things such as wall art with textured stickers. So here is a list of home decor ideas to make your home look more beautiful.

Traditional walls

When someone comes to your home the first thing that they will note is your walls. To make your walls attractive, you can use wall paintings or wall-hanging décor items such as photo frames, and wall art that looks so vibrant and catchy.

 One of the things that are common in Indian traditional homes is the handmade artwork hanging on the walls and those works represent Indian culture and heritage.

Changing the desk looks

Adding items to your table or desk is one of the things that express your personality and what you like to have around you. There are many different décor items to spice up your table or desk.

Interior Office desk

You can simply keep a desk lamp with pen stand or you can have static objects such as wooden toys depending on your tastes. So always make sure that the things you keep are well aligned with your creativity.

Display decor items

There are many ways to showcase your unique style, but some pieces are essential to any display. Here are a few items that can help you show off your personality while adding a touch of class to any space.

Living room dedor

● A vase is a classic way to add a pop of color or bring nature inside. Fill it with fresh flowers or leaves for a seasonal touch, or go for a more permanent arrangement with dried flowers or greenery.

 ● A clock is both functional and decorative. Choose one with a unique design or personalize it with a special message.

 ● A framed picture is a must-have for any display. Pick one that means something to you or choose a piece of art that reflects your taste.

Natural wood works

Nowadays every modern house in Indian cities looks the same with no flavor of indian wood works styles and designs. In order to make your house outlook others you need to incorporate some simple wooden works such as wooden tables, and cabinets with traditional designs and patterns.

Using handmade clay items

If you are a person who likes to have traditional handmade clay items in your home then this is for you.

Buttabomma Doll

You can decorate your house using clay dolls such as buttabomma dancing clay doll because these items are well-made by skilled artisans and it will definitely complement every style of your house, even if it's a modern house

Recycling old things and making them into useful stuff is one of the best ways to show our respect towards nature. So if you like to have decor items that are made from recycled things in your house then you can choose to add traditional crafts that are made via recycled materials.

Wooden cycle
Some prefer to incorporate nature into their decorating schemes by using plants and trees into their design schemes. Trees add character and beauty to a space because they have unique shapes and colors.

Decorative artefacts in common spaces

Indian houses often have a dedicated space for family member gatherings and discussions. Adding decor items like wooden nesting dolls to their dedicated space would surely increase family bonding and it will also symbolize “Togetherness of family members”. So adding these kinds of small decoration items to that space make their conversations and gatherings so interesting and memorable.


In conclusion, this article has presented 7 modern décor ideas, including the use of traditional handicrafts. All of these ideas can help you enhance the beauty of your home. We hope this article has been helpful and that you will be able to use some of these ideas in your own home. Thank you for reading!

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