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Best ways to make boring walls attractive

by Mohamed Hussain on Aug 30, 2022

Best ways to make boring walls attractive

Designing cool things to put on your wall is a pride  

Hello Zoopis! It's your buddy Mr. Zoopit. Looking at the same white walls can make you mad. Flags represent the pride of the nation. Our Walls represent the pride of who we are. So, designing coolness in your room-nation requires an attraction. I have a few ideas for your room-nation, let’s check out all the walls.

Let’s explore the wall designs one by one.


The Paint wall

Painting is one of the best ways to express our inner creative colours. You can design your walls with paint brushes or dip your hands in paint buckets to create your beautiful art.

The Motivating wall

We can get demotivated often. But keeping our motivation in full charge requires a positive environment. If you like to be motivated always, then you can have your inspirational quotes or hero's picture frame on the walls.

Night sky wall

There are no words to explain the feeling that we get from seeing the twinkling stars in the night sky. If you like to view this sight always then you can paste night glowing star stickers to enjoy its beauty.

Shell wall

We always had this desire to collect the sea shells when we went to the beach. Inserting the seashells in the wall would give us a sea breeze feel. You can collect the sea shells and paste them on your walls.

Memory wall

Seeing our memorable camera clicks take us to the happiest moments of our life. It gives us the energy to live better. You can paste your happy moments on the walls. 

Spiritual wall

Seeing our favourite god or our spiritual guru's picture gives our inner peace and a sense of protection. So, you can keep your god's or guru's frame and their teachings in quotes on your walls. 

Light wall

Dull lights can make us feel low. But colourful or flashy lights can give us the urge to glow in life. If you are a person who loves lights, then you can put creative lights on your walls. 

Art wall

Wall art painting frames make our hearts blossom. If you are an art-loving person, then you can hang on to your favourite frames to get the vibes like a museum. 

Plant wall

Nature's smell always freshens our room. If you are a nature-loving person like me, then you insert plates on the wall to keep your plant pots or decorate the wall with flower stickers can give you a nature vibe. 

Gamer wall

Games keep us entertained and engaging. Having your favourite games on your walls (for ex: dart or small basketball) is a good way to keep you energetic and active. 

The goal wall

Keeping our ambition on our walls can keep us reminded of it always and help us to not get deviated from them. So, sticking a note or your goals ( it can be anything like life, job, or career ) on your walls skyrockets your focus. 

Dream wall

Living in our fantasy worlds feels great. So, you can recreate your dream world in your walls by sticking awesome fantasy wallpaper on your walls


P.S: There is a secret switch. If you tap on it, you move into another dimension . Little piece of advice, DO NOT GET TOO EXCITED because you might get happiness overloaded.
This switch opens up endless possibilities of wall creation ideas.









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