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How to pamper your sister on Rakhsha Bandhan

by Mohamed Hussain on Aug 02, 2022

How to pamper your sister on Rakhsha Bandhan

No matter the fights for the tv remote or being annoyed with her for eating the chocolates, or being falsely accused by your sister. You still love your sister right? Sisters are the greatest gifts and the next nurturer in our life after our mother.

Expressing emotions to that sister who's always looking to put you in trouble or get you scolded can be difficult.

Don't worry, you can have my few suggestive counter-active spells so that you can use to express your heavenly affection to your sister.

 Hold your horses, because I don't usually let anyone in on my secret spells.



Firstly, use the spell “Special Surprise” to pamper her. Giving a gift is a way of expressing your love and devotion. This will make her feel special, comforted, and cared for by warmth. I have picked a few special ones for your SPECIAL ONE below:

Hanging bottle candle lamp -

Bulb-shaped LED lamp -

Panda Desk lamp with pen stand -


Pig desk lamp with pen stand and sharpener -





Secondly, use the spell “Energetic sing and dance”.Become kids again. Do you remember when you were small? You used to dance and sing along with your sister with joy and innocence. Get back to those times. Dedicate her favorite song and make her emotional. Bit dramatic? It’s fine. Go on. Now, sing and dance along for “On the ride” by aly and aj.

You both can dance along with these companions and make it funny


Budha budhi dancing doll

Personalized spotify keychain -





Thirdly, use the spell “Aromatic Cook”. Prepare and serve with her favorite dish. Non-cookers! Are you feeling “WHAT???” in your head. Haha! Don't get mad at me. I get it. So, you can treat her with her favorite dish from zomato Or swiggy and serve her like she's a princess and make it a little dramatic. Play as a royal cook and say “Oh my princess, here is your dish!” to her.

And you can serve her with these cute bugs:

Unicorn mug with lid and spoon -


Pink unicorn mug with kid and spoon -






Finally, use the spell “Atomic connect”




Everywhere! Whenever!

It’s almost like our sixth finger. At least on this special Raksha Bandhan day, just unplug from the tech and make a connection with your sister in a natural way. Take your sister to her favorite place, crack jokes or play games. The more virtually connected we are, the less we are connected to reality. True happiness is only found at the moment, not elsewhere.

Every moment is new and rare. So make the best memory of every moment. Moments are never repeated. Humans are born to be social and make a deep connection. Unfortunately, today’s generation is losing themselves in virtually unreal things. So forget them and connect with the real things in the real world.

Not only today, but REMEMBER

“You live in the air which you breathe now, not yesterday”

                                                                                     -  Your friend

So lessen your connection in virtuality and tighten your connection in reality.

You can capture the best moments and make a memory out of these:



3D crystal photo cube -


Colour-changing personalised mug with photo -




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