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Product ideas to make your room look aesthetic

by Mohamed Hussain on Aug 27, 2022

Product ideas to make your room look aesthetic

Rule your room with Aesthetic home decor

Hello Zoopis, 

Having an aesthetic look can be pretty cool. The same is true for turning your room more aesthetic, In fact, it is cooler than that. The place you live is another world that you create for yourself to enjoy with yourself among the other noises in this world. Designing a world place for you is one of the wonderful things which one can do for themselves. Living in a place which we love can always keep us in a blissful state.

But selecting the right things for our rooms can be as confusing as a person lost in an unknown forest. You know what your buddy Mr.Zoopit does for you. So, I have brought you some of the best product ideas for your room based on your personality type.

#Personality type 1 - “The Nature Lover”


Listening to Nature’s voice (like a squirrel or a sweet bird) or viewing the fireflies at night can be blissful. Having a slight touch of nature in your room is rejuvenating and refreshing.

So, if you are a person who loves viewing natural scenery, feeling the grass or the plant.

Then you can try these and turn them into a nature-inspired home

  • Hanging flower vase
  • DIY stone decor
  • Himalayan Mountain Backlit Wall Art
  • Decorative plant with lights
  • Handmade bamboo stool

#Personality type 2 - “Creative Artist”

Designing with colourful arts is godliness. Creativity is the art of expressing your true self. A creative mind is always unlimited. If you are a person who finds joy to design your room with your inner artist, then you can try these and turn your ordinary room into an artsy room.

  • Dancing doll
  • Multipurpose Glass Kapur Dani with Night Lamp
  • Handicrafts
  • Butterfly decorated metal wall decor
  • Handmade home decor lights

#Personality type 3 - “Luxurious Emperor”

Enjoying royalties like a king/queen can be fascinating. The amount of comfort and self-esteem that luxury things can give is infinite. So, if you are a majesty who loves luxuries, then you can try aesthetic decor ideas

  • Vintage mirrors
  • Royal cut glass hurricane

#Personality type 4 - “The Devotional”

Listening to the god’s name or seeing a picture of a god makes us feel safe and peaceful. A room with devotional products always keeps our vibe positive and our soul in bliss. So, if you are a person who seeks god everywhere, then you can try

  • Om mandala wooden wall hanging
  • Jesus christ shadow light lamp
  • Islamic wall art
  • Lord shiva smoke incense

#Personality type 5 - “The Space Explorer”

There is a saying “If one understands the link between distant stars and humans, then he understands the purpose of life”. Designing a room with stars and planets connects us with the whole universe and makes us understand more about them.

If you are a person who loves to see the twinkling stars and distant planets, then you can try and turn your room into a space-led aesthetic room.

  • Glowing star wall sticker
  • Celestial 3d light
  • Planetary ball
  • Cosmos frame

#Personality type 6 - “Techno-enthusiast”

Techy gadgets are always cool. Designing the room with techy stuff can make you feel like a super cool ironman. So, if you are a techy person who loves the innovative use of gadgets with a room of awesome device controls, then you can try

  • Modern Touch Sensor Led Wall Mount Glass Mirror With Led Lights
  • Multi-Coloured Modular Touch Lights
  • EcoQube C Aquarium

#Personality type 7 - “Fiction fantasizer”

We always had the fantasy to live our dreamlands like the hobbit’s Bag End. It is possible to recreate our own fantasy land with a little tuning. So, if you are a daydreamer who lives in your dream world, then it’s time to recreate your dream world in the real world with these.

  • Groot Syngonium Plant
  • Levitating indoor plant
  • Arched Vintage Window Mirror
  • Your fiction character wall art and poster

#Personality type 8 - “The Minimalist”

Being simple does not mean boring. A simple space can boost your peacefulness with ease. Even your buddy here is a minimalist. Being simple gave me inner peace to meditate upon.

“Simpleness shows the way to greatness”

So if you are a person who likes to enjoy simple things, then you can try

  • Jute mini light lamp
  • Refreshing Indoor plant
  • Jute Mat

I hope you got your aesthetic ideas to redesign your room with awesomeness. 

So, Take care my dear zoopis. It's your Mr.Zoopit signing out. 

Ba bye for now.


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