I am very happy with my purchase of the buttabomma doll. Its so cute and pleasing and adds a beautiful look to my room ! Also the customer service was great and the delivery was quick too. Would definitely recommend zoopit to everyone.


My wife loved it so much and she was totally amazed at a gold plated rose. Its so damn beautiful !

Karthik R

I loved this product more than anything. It made me so emotional when I opened it. Its honestly hard to be away from the one you wanna be closest to, but this frame reminds me that he is just two steps away. I loved it so much. Thank you !

Dhanushree M

This doll set is so adorable. I got it first as a decor for my living room but my 3 year old made it his plaything. I love the fact that they are made of wood and natural paints.


My kid loves big and fluffy animals so I got her this panda lamp. Its so cute and she won't let me keep any other pen stand on her study table. Adore it !

Triveni Shetty

This lamp is perhaps the best home decor products out of all the other ones, at least for me. Its affordable, its beautiful and it has multiple uses. I originally bought to light up my balcony but I also use it while dinners or a late night movie. It completely changed the vibe of the room and I'm very content with it. Looking forward to purchasing more products from zoopit.

Saarika M

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